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Woman arrested on drunk driving charges after crashing into Philadelphia police van

Anytime a person is arrested for drunk driving, it is important that they take the charges seriously. When the arrest is the result of an accident, it can lead to further charges and a more harsh punishment. A woman was arrested this week for alleged drunk driving in Philadelphia. Police say the woman crashed into a police van before being arrested.

When police are directly involved in the accident, the person who is arrested might find themselves making statements to police before other officers are able to respond. This might complicate a person’s case. Speaking with an experienced Philadelphia defense attorney might be a wise idea if a person is accused of causing an accident while drunk driving.

An attorney can help a person understand their rights, as well as evaluate evidence and make sure none of their rights were violated. Sometimes police will question a person when they are under stress and that person might make statements that aren’t accurate. Having an attorney present during police questioning can help prevent a person from answering questions that might lead to a conviction.

Those facing drunk driving charges in Philadelphia might face consequences including the loss of their driver’s license if they are convicted. Not only might there be criminal penalties, but a stigma associated with drunk driving might present embarrassment for years after the incident. A experienced Philadelphia criminal defense attorney can work to clear a person’s name, protect their rights and mitigate potential damage to their reputation.

Source: Newsworks.org, “Woman charged with DUI after crashing into a 39th Police District van,” Aaron Moselle, July 5, 2012


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