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Philadelphia woman accused of menacing husband with knife

Domestic disputes occur daily in cities throughout Pennsylvania, and these situations can spiral out of control. When this occurs, the police are often called to the location, and people who are otherwise calm and reasonable individuals may be charged with disturbing the peace or other, more serious crimes.

A woman from Philadelphia was recently charged after an altercation with her husband. The incident apparently involved a knife, and she faces charges of harassment, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

The 23-year-old woman allegedly kicked her husband in the knee and threatened him with a knife during a domestic dispute. Incidentally, she is an active member of the military, so police eventually turned her over to military officers.

This particular incident took place in Antwerp, New York, so the laws there aren’t exactly the same as laws in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. However, there is no question that anyone facing a weapons charge will need a strong criminal defense. Many different laws can come into play when a weapon is allegedly used in the commission of a crime, and it is important that defendants are protected when prosecutors file every possible charge with a hope that at least one sticks.

Not everyone accused of a crime is guilty. Prosecutors often overcharge just as police officers sometimes incorrectly gather evidence. What defendants should never do is give up without fighting the charges in court. There may be mitigating circumstances that could result in a reduction or even a dismissal of charges.

Source: WWNY, “Woman Accused Of Threatening Husband With Knife,” Aug. 14, 2012


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