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Man from Philadelphia arrested after alleged drug sale

Philadelphia police make many drug-related arrests each year. The charges range from simple possession to felony possession charges or charges of intent to deliver. The police also use a variety of tactics when attempting to catch people who possess or sell drugs. Police may set up a controlled buy with an undercover police officer. On other occasions, police may use police informants to either make a drug purchase or inform police of people who may be selling drugs.

A Philadelphia man was recently arrested after allegedly selling crack cocaine to a police informant. When the police arrested the man, he allegedly possessed crack cocaine and some marijuana. The man also allegedly possessed the money from the drug sale to the informant as well. The man was charged with two counts of felony possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. He was also charged with a felony count of criminal use of a communication facility for allegedly using his cell phone to set up a drug sale.

Felony drug charges are serious charges and if an individual is convicted of such charges, the accused party may face a mandatory jail sentence. Following a conviction, the prospective sentence depends on many factors, including the type of drug, the amount in the individual’s possession and any previous convictions for drug possession with intent to distribute.

In the American legal system, however, a person is innocent until proven guilty. There are defenses to drug charges, depending on the specific facts of each case. Even when using an informant or an undercover police officer to gather evidence of a drug sale, police are bound by certain rules. For instance, when an undercover police officer has been utilized, the person arrested may have a claim for entrapment. . If the police did not follow the laws in dealing with suspects, the evidence of the drugs may be suppressed which makes a conviction less likely.

People in Philadelphia who have been charged with drug offenses have certain rights that are protected. Criminal defense attorneys can advocate on behalf of the accused party for these rights and help protect the party facing criminal charges.

Source: Bensalem Patch, “Philadelphia man faces felony drug charges” Theresa Katalinas, Oct. 23, 2013


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