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Man faces weapons charges after alleged assault on EMT

Many people in Philadelphia own or possess guns and other various weapons. People own guns for a variety of reasons, from hunting to personal safety. In order to legally own a gun, however, the person must have a permit for it. However, many people do not have permits or are prohibited from owning a gun for other reasons. If the person does not own the gun legally, they could face serious gun charges if they are caught with one.

A man was recently charged with unlawful possession of a gun after an incident at a casino hotel. After the man did not check out of his room, hotel staff attempted to enter the room. The door was blocked by furniture, but they were eventually able to get inside and found the man asleep. An EMT checked on the man who awoke and allegedly assaulted the EMT. Hotel security detained the man and called the police who arrested him. After an investigation the police allegedly found a gun on the man and two more in the room along with empty shell casings.

Many gun related charges are felonies in Philadelphia. They can carry serious consequences including a mandatory minimum jail sentence depending on the facts of the case. A conviction also generally means that a person is no longer able to possess a gun in the future.

There are defenses available to people who face weapons charges. Each case is different, but depending on the facts a person could be acquitted of a charge. Also, the person has the right to challenge whether the police lawfully searched the person, their home or car. If the search was illegal, then the evidence of the gun may be suppressed.

Many people in Philadelphia are charged with serious gun offenses each year, such as weapons possession or felony gun charges. While the consequences can be severe if the person is convicted, there are defenses available and a person is innocent until proven guilty. People may want to educate themselves on the legal defenses available in order to protect their rights.

Source: CBS Philly, “Police: Man arrested at casino on charges of gun possession, assault on EMT,” May 2, 2014


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