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Man from Philadelphia allegedly in possession of marijuana

Many people in Philadelphia smoke marijuana, but may do so only for personal use and recreational purposes. A bill recently passed in Philadelphia decriminalized possession of a small amount of marijuana, so people who only smoke it recreationally will no longer have a criminal record if they are caught with marijuana for recreational use. However, possessing large amounts of marijuana or drug dealing remains a crime.

One Philadelphia man realized this after he was stopped for driving down a one-way street the wrong way. After the man was pulled over, the police allegedly found marijuana both on the floor of the car and in a vacuum-sealed bag, along with reusable plastic containers. The police also reportedly found cash and sheets of paper, which they claim to be lists of people who owed the man money. He was charged with drug possession with intent to sell, among other charges.

If convicted of drug possession with intent to sell, the man may be facing serious consequences. Generally, it is not easy to tell whether a person has the intent to sell; many different factors are taken into consideration when making the determination. These may include the type of drug, the amount possessed, how it is packaged, the amount of cash in a person’s possession and others.

If the prosecutor is able to prove that the required elements are present, then the person may be convicted of possession with intent to deliver. If convicted, he may be facing a mandatory minimum jail sentence, among other penalties. However, there may be defenses available. A strong defense may start with questioning whether the police had a valid reason to stop the person in the first place. If they did not have a valid reason to stop the person, the evidence of the drugs could be suppressed and a conviction may be more unlikely.

Many people in Philadelphia are charged with drug possession with the intent to deliver. If convicted, the consequences may be serious, but defenses may be available. Attorneys understand these defenses and may be able to ensure your rights are protected.

Source: The Morning Call, “Philadelphia man busted with drugs in Allentown” Patrick Lester, Oct. 11, 2014


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