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Philadelphia hotel calls police on guests; drug charges result

Drugs tend to be prevalent in big cities like Philadelphia. Some of the drugs used are legal prescription drugs, but many others are used illegally. This means that one cannot just go to a pharmacy to buy them. Therefore, someone manufactures and supplies the drugs illegally and many people are involved in that process as well. If these people are caught, the consequences can be very serious.

Four men may have to deal with these serious consequences after being charged with manufacturing drugs with the intent to deliver after police searched their hotel room in Philadelphia. According to police, the waterfront hotel, near Penn’s Landing, contacted the police after a housekeeper informed them that she saw drugs in a room. The police came to the hotel room and allegedly found a substance they believed to be drugs out in plain sight along with a loaded gun. When the men returned to the hotel, the police arrested them on drug charges.

If convicted of these drug offenses, these men may face serious consequences including jail time and significant fines. The potential penalties will be based on a number of factors including the type of drug as well as how much was seized. The criminal history of each man, including whether they had previously been convicted of a drug related offense, will also factor in the potential punishment.

These men have not been convicted, though, and the prosecution must prove that they are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. There may be defenses available to those charged with drug offenses. These defenses often start with whether the police legally stopped and searched the person. If the stop or search was illegal, the evidence may be suppressed and a conviction becomes unlikely. Experienced attorneys understand the elements of a proper drug search as well as potential defenses to drug charges; these professionals can protect one’s constitutional rights.

Source: Philly.com, “Cops bust four men at Hilton hotel on Penn’s Landing on drug charges,” Aubrey Whelan, August 17, 2015


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