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Firearm carrying permit reciprocity in Pennsylvania

Many people in Philadelphia are allowed to own guns. There are also many people who are prohibited from doing so, but in general gun possession is legal. However, one cannot carry a gun in Philadelphia without a permit. These are generally referred to as conceal and carry permits. If a person is caught carrying a gun without the proper permit, he or she could be committing a crime and potentially face severe penalties.

Most states have laws regarding gun possession and gun carrying. Each state that has a conceal and carry law generally requires a person to meet certain elements before a permit is issued. In many states, the requirements are similar. Therefore, Pennsylvania has reciprocity agreements with many states. This means that if an individual has a permit to carry in one state, it may be recognized in Pennsylvania, and vice versa.

There are many states that have complete reciprocity with Pennsylvania. If a person has a permit from one of these states, and they don’t have a Pennsylvania permit, then they could be breaking the law in Philadelphia if they are carrying a gun. However, just like with any crime, an individual who is accused of breaking the may have defenses available to them. Many defenses in these cases actually start with whether the police acted legally when stopping and searching the accused individual.

Putting forth a strong criminal defense is key for many individuals who have been accused of unlawful possession of a firearm. Failing to put forth compelling evidence could lead to a conviction and harsh penalties, including prison, fines, and a marred record that can send shockwaves across one’s personal and professional lives. Therefore, those accused of committing a crime may want to carefully consider their legal options.

Source: Pennsylvania Attorney General, “Firearm Reciprocity Agreements” accessed on Nov. 28, 2016


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