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Why work with an attorney to evict your problem tenant?

The rental market can be fiercely competitive, even when it seems like there is a housing shortage. When you manage to place a tenant in your property, you likely hope that they will stay there a long time. Landlords incur substantial expenses attempting to attract the best applicants for vacant units.

Unfortunately, people aren’t always the way they appear on paper. Also, circumstances can change, leaving a tenant unable to pay or behaving in an undesirable way. The need to have stable income from tenants can inspire some landlords to overlook questionable behavior, such as damaging the property or not paying rent on time.

Unfortunately, there can come a point where you can no longer overlook the poor decisions of your tenants. You may have to take steps to initiate eviction proceedings. Doing so on your own can be an incredibly stressful experience. That is why working with a Pennsylvania real estate attorney can simplify the process and take some of the stress off of you.

Tenants may become angry or aggressive during eviction

While you may be capable of handling the eviction on your own, doing so may place you in unnecessary risk and make you endure more stress than you need to experience. The people you are asking to leave will generally have a strong emotional response ranging from extreme sadness and upset to anger. Dealing with those emotions can be difficult, which is why securing a third party to handle the process is often easier than delivering the news or legal paperwork yourself.

Having an attorney handle the eviction can ensure that your tenant receives proper notice. It also means you have someone else to serve as an intermediary between you and the soon-to-be former tenant. In many situations, you may have to completely cut off communication with the tenants other than at the day of court for the eviction proceedings.

Tenants facing eviction may want to sway you from taking the action that you need to protect your property and your investment in it. By having an attorney handle all communications, you can insulate yourself from the emotional pressure a tenant could place on you to attempt to stop the eviction.

A real estate attorney can ensure you follow all Pennsylvania laws

If there is anything worse than the need to evict a tenant, it may be attempting to evict a tenant and failing. Tenants who remain in the property after your first attempt to evict may become even more destructive and disrespectful to neighbors.

There is also the waste of time and money involved in a failed eviction attempt. You don’t want to wind up needing to start the process over again simply because you failed to file appropriate paperwork.

An attorney can ensure that you comply with all the requirements under Pennsylvania law to initiate and finalize eviction proceedings. That way, your property can start generating revenue instead of creating stress.


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