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Effective strategies to consider when arrested on assault charges

Just another night out at the neighborhood bar, and then you see him. Not that guy again. Glances turn into stares, words gradually change into profanities, and the pushing and shoving evolve into some hard knuckling. The blows are staggering until only one of remains standing. It is you. But this is no victory.

Law enforcement bears down on you. You are arrested on assault charges. What awaits you is nothing any victor desires. That list includes incarceration, probation, fines, restitution and the likelihood of a civil lawsuit from the person crumpled on the ground. This is not a good position to be in, and, you understand that an experienced criminal defense attorney is a necessary ally.

Self-defense, reduced charges

Unintentional results from a physical altercation can lead to long-lasting ramifications on your life. Now you need to assemble some strategies that may place you in a better light with a judge. Here is a list of a few things, including legal defense approaches:

  • If you are eligible to do so, consider enrolling in a diversionary program, which focuses on rehabilitation. However, people accused of violent crimes such as assault may not be eligible.
  • Pursue some legitimate and effective defense strategies. This would include self-defense; a justifiable incident because you were forced to take action; and unintended consequences in that you did not intend to harm the other person.
  • Pleading guilty to a reduced charge. A skilled attorney understands the court system, and a reduced charge is more favorable than original and more serious charges.
  • Have your case go to trial. A persuasive, effective and trial-tested attorney always works in your favor before a judge or jury.

You had never imagined of being in this position. Your personal and professional reputations are at stake. Meanwhile, you also face incarceration. Enlisting a skilled legal ally might allow you to carry on with your life and help you avoid looking back.


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