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Recover from addiction in response to a DUI

Being pulled over and arrested on DUI charges is a shocking and upsetting thing to go through. Up until that point, you may not have thought that you had a problem with alcohol, even if friends and family had raised their concerns. You may have felt that alcohol was simply something that you enjoyed like most people and that you were never over the legal limit when driving.

Many people who are arrested on DUI charges do not believe that they are driving while over the legal limit. This is often because alcohol dependence leads to alcohol tolerance. This means that you can have a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) without feeling that you are intoxicated and that you’ll need to keep drinking more to feel the same effects. This is why alcohol dependence leads to a vicious cycle and can have disastrous consequences.

If you have finally come to the realization that your drinking is a problem and you want to defend yourself from DUI charges at the same time, the following are some things that you should consider.

Get sober immediately

The best person to defend themselves against criminal charges is a sober person. While it might be difficult, try to stop drinking immediately and join a support group. Going to therapy and seeking the advice of a medical professional is also important.

Remember that you can still successfully defend yourself

Even though you have admitted to yourself that you have a drinking problem, you can still successfully defend yourself from DUI charges. For example, the Breathalyzer may have overestimated the alcohol in your blood because it was faulty, or law enforcement officials may have made a wrongful stop.

Turn over a new leaf

Now is your chance to change your life for the better. Draw a line in the sand and start taking steps toward rebuilding your life.

If you have been arrested on DUI charges, make sure that you take immediate action so that you can defend yourself.


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