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Safety classes required after a DUI in Philadelphia

Most people in Philadelphia understand that drinking and driving is dangerous and against the law. However, that does not stop everyone from doing it. There are many instances when a person may not think they are over the legal limit or do not feel drunk. Other times the person may only need to drive a short distance to get home and does not think it is a big deal. Whatever the reason for driving, if the police stops the driver, they may be charged with a DUI.

Many underage drinking tickets issued at St. Patrick's Day parade

People in Philadelphia find many reasons to drink alcohol throughout the year. It could be a birthday, a sporting event, a happy hour with friends or co-workers, family holidays and many others. Also, not just adults find reasons to drink. Minors find reasons to consume alcohol, as well. One holiday, however, that tends to unite both adult and underage drinkers is St. Patrick's Day.

What are the penalties for an underage DUI in Philadelphia?

Many young people in Philadelphia consume alcohol prior to their 21st birthday. There are also many colleges and universities in and around the city where drinking alcohol is a common activity. Many people likely understand that underage drinking is illegal, but most do not think it is that big of a deal. Even though it is not seen as a serious offense by them, an underage drinking conviction does have serious consequences.

People pulled over for drunk driving now have an app to help

Many people in Philadelphia use their smart phones for everything. They email, shop, use various social media sites and many other things. Downloading the newest and latest apps is probably very important for these people. Well, now there is an app even for those who are pulled over for a DUI.

Pennsylvania man faces another DUI charge

Many people in Pennsylvania face DUI charges each year. In an attempt to cut down on drunken driving, the Pennsylvania legislature has enacted strict DUI laws. The penalties for a DUI conviction have increased and those with multiple DUI offenses potentially face even more serious penalties. Despite the strict laws and increased penalties, however, those charged with a DUI still have certain rights following an arrest. The prosecution also still must prove that they were driving under the influence beyond a reasonable doubt before convicting the person.

Pennsylvania police crack down on underage drinking

As young adults head back to college around the Philadelphia area, underage drinking and related criminal charges are once again in the spotlight. Undercover Pennsylvania police recently patrolled the Made in America music festival. The undercover officers were looking for minors in consumption and other liquor law violations.

Man pleads not guilty to drunk driving charges

A driver in a nearby community who was allegedly involved in a DUI accident which eventually led to the death of a woman recently pleaded not guilty to charges of vehicular homicide, among others. The 26-year old man is accused of striking and killing a woman as she got into the back seat of a parked car. Authorities say the man was intoxicated and driving drunk at the time of the accident. The man also allegedly injured the 47-year-old victim's sister and her daughter in the accident.

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