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Determining if new drugs are illegal controlled substances

There are many different types of drugs Philadelphia residents could encounter or require for various needs and ailments. Some of the drugs are used to treat various medical issues or to control pain levels. Generally, a doctor prescribes these. However, there are many drugs that have no medical purposes and are simply used for their side effects or to get high. Also, some of the drugs that are prescribed by doctors are taken by people who do not have prescriptions for that drug.

Possession of a small amount of marijuana in Philadelphia

Many of those in Philadelphia who smoke or consume marijuana may think that the consequences of using marijuana are not as serious as the use of other drugs. And, indeed, the law in Philadelphia seems to agree with these people that marijuana is not as serious as other drugs. The city of Philadelphia has de-criminalized marijuana possession, if the amount possessed is a small amount.

Drug use statistics in Philadelphia

For a long time in Philadelphia and the rest of the U.S., there have been many campaigns to stop people from using drugs. Many drugs are considered dangerous and are illegal. However, despite these efforts, many people still use these drugs. There are a wide variety of illegal drugs that people use though, and each drug charge comes with its own consequences.

Penalties for drug possession in Philadelphia

Some people in Philadelphia use certain types of drugs for perfectly legal reasons, for example, those who use medications that have been prescribed by doctors to treat various conditions. However, there are some who will use illegal drugs. If a person is convicted of drug possession they could face very serious consequences including significant jail time. The severity of the potential penalty depends on the type of the drug the person possesses.

Protecting one's rights after a drug possession charge

There are many people in Philadelphia who use drugs. Many times drugs can be essential for people suffering from ailments or injuries. They can take away pain or help in the healing process. As long as the person taking the drug has a prescription they are not doing anything illegal. However, if the person is in possession of drugs without a prescription or taking drugs that are never prescribed, he or she is doing so illegally and may face serious consequences if caught.

The five schedules for drug classification in Philadelphia

People use illegal drugs for a variety of reasons. No matter what the reason for using controlled substances in Philadelphia, however, drug possession is illegal. The penalties can be severe no matter what kind of drug is possessed, but there are different penalties for different types of drugs. Drugs are divided into five different groups called Schedules. The penalty generally depends on which schedule the drug is in.

What is considered drug paraphernalia in Philadelphia?

People in Philadelphia may use drugs for a variety of purposes. Many use the drugs legally with prescriptions to treat various medical conditions, but this is not always the case. There are also many people who use illegal drugs or use prescription drugs without a prescription. If these people are caught with drug possession they may face serious criminal penalties, including possible jail time.

Possession of prescription drugs without proper labeling

Many people in Philadelphia take prescription drugs for various reasons. Sometimes it is for short periods of time to deal with pain after a surgery or to help with an illness. Other times people take medications for permanent illnesses or conditions and will always take the prescription. However, many people also take these prescription drugs without a prescription or may have had a prescription, but no longer do.

Philadelphia hotel calls police on guests; drug charges result

Drugs tend to be prevalent in big cities like Philadelphia. Some of the drugs used are legal prescription drugs, but many others are used illegally. This means that one cannot just go to a pharmacy to buy them. Therefore, someone manufactures and supplies the drugs illegally and many people are involved in that process as well. If these people are caught, the consequences can be very serious.

What are the penalties for manufacturing meth in Philadelphia?

There are many drugs available for people to use in Philadelphia. Some of these drugs are legal with a valid prescription, but most of them are illegal. As such, the drugs must be delivered to or manufactured in Philadelphia and distributed in the city illegally. Many illegal drugs are grown and manufactured outside the country and smuggled in, but some, like methamphetamine, can be manufactured in or around the city and then be distributed.

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