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Two teenagers outside Philadelphia charged with drug possession

Many teenagers in Philadelphia get themselves into trouble. Sometimes this means that they broke certain rules at home and face punishments from their parents. Other times they break the law and many times face consequences both at home and in the juvenile justice system. These crimes can vary from curfew violations to drug possession to assaults. Sometimes the immediate consequences do not seem that severe, but juvenile convictions can have long-term consequences for teenagers.

New mentoring program designed to curb repeat juvenile offenders

The goal for most juveniles in Philadelphia is to become productive members of society as an adult. Many make mistakes along the way though. That is how many of them learn. However, some make bigger mistakes than others and end up committing crimes, such as drug possession. If they are caught they will have to answer for their actions in the juvenile justice system. If they are convicted of the crimes they may face serious consequences that go beyond the punishment given to them by the court.

Twelve-year-old students accused of dealing sleeping pills

Kids in Philadelphia get into trouble for various things each day. Many times they are not doing anything illegal and simply breaking the rules at home or school. However, other times, a child not only breaks the rules, but also breaks the law. Certain activities, like drug possession, will result in a punishment at home or school and may also result in a criminal charge against the child. If the child is formally charged, then they must go through the juvenile law system to determine their punishment.

Two Philadelphia juveniles facing drug possession charges

There are programs in Philadelphia schools designed to keep kids off drugs. However, despite the efforts, many young people are involved with drugs. Some simply use them while others are involved in the distribution of drugs. Many of the people will get away with it and never end up being charged criminally, but many others will end up facing juvenile charges for drug possession or intent to deliver. The consequences, if convicted, can be serious, but a juvenile like an adult is innocent until proven guilty.

Minor criminal juvenile offenses can have unexpected consequences

There are many decisions that young people in Philadelphia make every day without thinking. Many of these decisions are harmless, but some will result in consequences that will stay with them for a long time. Sometimes they know what they are doing is illegal, such as underage drinking, fighting or drug possession, but they do not think that it is a big deal, since they see many people doing the same thing. However, if they are convicted on a charge arising out of these decisions, it can have long-term consequences.

Four juveniles charged after fight on train

Many crimes are committed in the Philadelphia area each year, and both adults and juveniles commit these crimes. Some of the crimes committed by juveniles can only be committed by people under a certain age, such as curfew violations or underage drinking. However, juveniles can also be charged with the same crimes as adults. These crimes can include assaults, drug possession, weapon possession and even murder. How the charges are handled is slightly different in the juvenile justice system, but the crimes are still the same.

Philadelphia teenager charged with bringing gun to school

Teenagers in Philadelphia often can become bored or curious and want to try something new. Many times in these situations they make rash decisions without thinking about the consequences. They partake in underage drinking or experiment with different drugs. Teenagers also sometimes get in fights to resolve their differences and may bring a gun to these fights without thinking about the serious consequences that can stem from that decision.

Two high school students allegedly found with LSD

There have been many campaigns to keep Philadelphia teenagers from taking drugs. Despite all of the efforts, teenagers will always be curious and continue to experiment with various drugs and alcohol. Many will never be caught with these drugs, but still others are caught and face various drug charges. Offenses like drug possession can have a big impact on the young person's future beyond the immediate consequences they receive from the courts.

Students face charges after fight at Philadelphia high school

Many teenagers are arrested each year for various crimes. The crimes range from curfew violations to more serious crimes such as murder. These crimes can have long-term consequences beyond simply the criminal consequences. Even seemingly less serious crimes such as crimes underage drinking can impact a teenager's ability to find a job or in the college admissions process. When these crimes occur at school, the teenager may face consequences with the school, such as suspension, in addition to criminal charges.

Penn's crime log violates Pennsylvania Juvenile Act

College campuses in the Philadelphia area see many crimes committed each month. Crimes such as theft, underage drinking and disorderly conduct are reported to the police on a routine basis. While many of the crimes minors allegedly commit are the same ones as adults, minors are given special rights under the Pennsylvania Juvenile Act.

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