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Philadelphia man charged with DUI after fatal accident

People who are under the influence of alcohol often make poor choices. Unfortunately, when they choose to drink and drive, that choice often ends up having a negative impact on their lives and the lives of others. For this reason, drunk driving charges are prosecuted very seriously in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania state representative on trial for DUI

DUI charges happen frequently in Pennsylvania and they and can happen to anyone. Evidence of that is the ongoing trial of Pennsylvania State Rep. Cherelle Parker, who stands accused of driving while intoxicated and traveling the wrong way on a one-way street in April 2011.

Pennsylvania man pulled over for expired tags, arrested for DUI

A DUI charge is a serious offense, and it is important for those facing such charges to prepare a strong DUI defense. A conviction for driving while intoxicated can bring about serious repercussions, including license suspension, license revocation and fines.

Overbrook driver charged with DUI after injuring 13-year-old boy

Here in Philadelphia, the legal penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol can be extremely severe. The consequences depend on several variables including any previous DUI convictions and the level of alcohol measured in the driver's system at the time of the arrest. If the DUI charge results from an accident in which someone was injured, the penalties for a conviction can be harsher.

Philadelphia city staffers fired after DUI charges

Being charged with drunk driving comes with inherent problems, especially when an accident is involved, but many people don't consider the professional fallout that can arise from a DUI accident. Two Philadelphia city employees were recently faced with this predicament after being charged with DUI while driving city vehicles.

Erie man reaches plea agreement in DUI homicide case

The Pennsylvania legislature passed a set of laws in 2004 that specify the minimum sentences for a DUI conviction. The factors that determine the minimum include the defendant's blood-alcohol content, whether the defendant refused to take a Breathalyzer test and whether an accident occurred. A DUI arrest can also result in harsher sentences if the accused has a previous drunk driving conviction.

Co-founder of Crocs footwear arrested for DUI

This past weekend, John Boedecker, a co-founder of the much-loved Crocs footwear line made headlines in Boulder, Colorado. Unfortunately, the headlines weren't for his philanthropic works, but rather for his rather bizarre drunk driving arrest.

Another Pennsylvania state trooper charged with DUI

It's been a tough month for law enforcement officers in Pennsylvania. A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the DUI charge against an off-duty state trooper who, ironically, had just left a golf event memorializing a drunk driving victim. Now a member of the Pennsylvania State Police has been charged with DUI while on duty.

Woman arrested on drunk driving charges after crashing into Philadelphia police van

Anytime a person is arrested for drunk driving, it is important that they take the charges seriously. When the arrest is the result of an accident, it can lead to further charges and a more harsh punishment. A woman was arrested this week for alleged drunk driving in Philadelphia. Police say the woman crashed into a police van before being arrested.

Pennsylvania state trooper charged in connection with alleged drunk driving crash

Welcome to our Philadelphia criminal law blog. We plan to make this a resource for readers who are interested in news and general insights on stories concerning criminal law and how it is carried out in Pennsylvania. Be sure to check back often because we are going to update this blog once a week.

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