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Circumstances when juveniles are treated as adults

Many juveniles commit crimes every year in Philadelphia. Most of the time, these juveniles go through the juvenile law system after being charged with a crime. The juvenile system differs from the adult system in some respects. The biggest difference is that the punishments are given after looking into what is the best way to rehabilitate the juvenile. It is not simply to punish; however, the goal is try and prevent juveniles from committing crimes later on as adults.

Protecting one's rights after a juvenile offense

Teenagers in Philadelphia have to make many decisions as they grow up. There are also many different influences on teenagers as they make these decisions. Some influences are better than others, but even those with the best influences around them may make poor choices sometimes. The consequences of the poor choices teenagers make will vary, but some will end up with juvenile charges against them.

Employment after a juvenile adjudication in Pennsylvania

Many young people in Philadelphia make questionable decisions. Sometimes it is because of peer pressure, a rebellious streak or a number of other reasons. Oftentimes young people can also be short-sighted when they engage in certain activities. They do not consider the potential consequences or convince themselves that what they are doing is not that big of a deal. However, if the young person is charged with a crime and adjudicated delinquent in the juvenile law system, that choice can stay with them for a long time.

Will life with parole be possible for Philadelphia juveniles?

Many juveniles in Philadelphia are charged with crimes each year. The type of crime can vary dramatically, but for the most part they can be charged with the same types of crimes as adults. However, after they are charged, how the case is handled is different than how an adult's case is handled. The main difference is that there is a greater focus on rehabilitation in the juvenile law system than the adult system.

How is the justice system different kids and adults?

There are many laws in Philadelphia. They govern over many different activities that people may engage in. The majority of the laws govern all people regardless of age. However, there are some that only govern juvenile crimes, such as curfew violations and some driving laws. Nonetheless, no matter the age of the person who may have committed a crime, the consequences can be severe and have a big effect on the person's life.

Statistical overview of the juvenile justice system

Most of the crimes that adults commit in Philadelphia can also be committed by juveniles. However, there are some crimes that can only be committed by juveniles, such as curfew violations or tobacco violations. Each case is handled differently. With the juvenile system, there is more of a focus on rehabilitation in the and the punishments reflect that.

Elements of a juvenile delinquency petition in Philadelphia

Some teenagers in Philadelphia make impulsive decisions from time to time due to the many influences they encounter in everyday life. These decisions can have both short and long term consequences. One of these consequences is juvenile charges. Though these juvenile crimes are treated a little differently than adult crimes, the consequences can be just as serious.

Parental involvement in juvenile cases in Philadelphia

There are many influences on children in Philadelphia. These influences can come from a variety of places, such as peers, family, sports, entertainment and many other places. Some of these influences are good for the child and some are bad. If the child follows the wrong influences sometimes it can get them into trouble. Some of the decisions juveniles make will also get them in trouble with the law.

The role of social studies in the juvenile law system

As children in Philadelphia grow up and become teens and young adults, they are constantly developing. Along the way juveniles will make poor choices. Some of these choices will result with juvenile charges against the child, such as underage drinking or drug charges. If the juvenile is convicted of the crime, it can result in long-term consequences for the child that they most likely do not realize at the time they made the decision. However, when punishing the juvenile, the courts do try to rehabilitate the person to try and ensure they will not make the same choices as an adult.

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