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Post disposition review hearings in juvenile delinquency cases

Many juveniles commit crimes in Philadelphia every year. Some of these crimes can only be committed by juveniles, such as underage drinking, but many of the crimes committed by adults are committed by juveniles. Even though many of the crimes are the same, juveniles are dealt with differently than adults. The main difference between adults and juveniles is that the main goal of juvenile punishments is to rehabilitate the defendant instead of simply punishing them.

When are juveniles detained for crimes in Philadelphia?

Crimes are committed in Philadelphia every day. The nature of these crimes vary greatly, as does the people who commits these crimes. People of all different ages commit crimes. However, the age of the person committing the crime determines how the case will be handled by the courts. If the person is at least 18-years-old, they will go through the adult criminal justice system, but if they are under 18 they will go through the juvenile law system.

Rules for access to juvenile criminal records in Philadelphia

There are many differences between the adult criminal system and the juvenile law system in Philadelphia. Many of the crimes committed by juveniles are the same as those committed by adults, but the juvenile case is handled differently. The main difference is that the main goal of the juvenile system is rehabilitation in order to try and change a juvenile's behavior before becoming an adult.

Avoiding long-term consequences after a juvenile charge

Many juveniles in Philadelphia make poor choices. Part of it is just the process of growing up and the choices will not have a great effect on the rest of their lives. However, some of these poor choices are illegal and the juvenile may end up being charged with a juvenile offense. Even if it seems minor, having a juvenile offense on a child's record can have very serious consequences on their future.

When is a juvenile charged as an adult in Philadelphia?

Many people in Philadelphia are charged with various crimes every day. These crimes vary significantly in severity and the punishments vary significantly as well. Also, people of all ages commit crimes. This includes both adults and juveniles. Generally when a juvenile is charged with a crime, the case is handled differently than if the person is an adult though.

Minor criminal juvenile offenses can have unexpected consequences

There are many decisions that young people in Philadelphia make every day without thinking. Many of these decisions are harmless, but some will result in consequences that will stay with them for a long time. Sometimes they know what they are doing is illegal, such as underage drinking, fighting or drug possession, but they do not think that it is a big deal, since they see many people doing the same thing. However, if they are convicted on a charge arising out of these decisions, it can have long-term consequences.

Philadelphia teenager charged with bringing gun to school

Teenagers in Philadelphia often can become bored or curious and want to try something new. Many times in these situations they make rash decisions without thinking about the consequences. They partake in underage drinking or experiment with different drugs. Teenagers also sometimes get in fights to resolve their differences and may bring a gun to these fights without thinking about the serious consequences that can stem from that decision.

Penn's crime log violates Pennsylvania Juvenile Act

College campuses in the Philadelphia area see many crimes committed each month. Crimes such as theft, underage drinking and disorderly conduct are reported to the police on a routine basis. While many of the crimes minors allegedly commit are the same ones as adults, minors are given special rights under the Pennsylvania Juvenile Act.

Students facing drug possession charges over pot brownies

Philadelphians will be interested to hear about a situation that has two high school students facing drug possession charges after they allegedly decided to bake pot brownies and bring them to their high school to distribute to their classmates. What two students may have thought of as a harmless prank may have long-term consequences for both. While this may sound like something out of a movie, these events unfolded in real life and not upon the silver screen. This situation is an important reminder of how the decisions teenagers make may end up being much more serious than they may believe at the time.

Two juveniles charged as adults in Christmas night attack

Being charged with a crime as a child can have lasting repercussions and long-term consequences that follow an individual into adulthood. Most cases involving juveniles, including cases of drug possession, shoplifting or underage drinking, are handled in the juvenile court system. However, when violent crimes or sex crimes are committed, the courts sometimes have the option to charge juveniles as adults.

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